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Over time, your carpets will pick up dirt and other contaminants from around your home or business premises, leaving carpets looking tired and old. Our professional carpet cleaners are here to help. We specialise in carpet cleaning, and have been cleaning carpets in Tewkesbury and throughout Gloucestershire for many years now. We provide a highly skilled and fully trained IICRC technician to carry out both commercial and residential carpet cleaning across all of Tewkesbury and Gloucestershire. We are NCCA members work to their code of practice - PAS 86:2008 BSI British Standards Institution.

Our carpet cleaning service will improve the life of your carpet, protect your carpet from future stains and soiling, help to create a more hygienic living space, prevent carpet mould growth, add more comfort to your home or business premises and remove dust mites and other contaminants.

Hot Water Extraction

We clean carpets using the hot water extraction method, commonly known as steam cleaning. This is a superb way to deep clean carpets and as well as being pet friendly, we can also safely use this method on Wool carpets. We jet heated water onto the carpet under pressure and then extract it out with a vacuum.

Using hot water extraction we are able to remove dirt, pollutants, allergens, bacteria and soil with ease, leaving your carpets looking and smelling clean and fresh. Hot water extraction cleaning is recommended by many of the leading carpet manufacturers.

Would you like your carpets thoroughly cleaned by the professionals? Why not give us a call today to get a free no-obligation quote and maybe get booked in for professional, high-quality carpet cleaning.

Very Low Moisture Cleaning

This is a method of cleaning used mainly in commercial environments. It is less common in domestic environments this type of carpet cleaning limits drying times to 1-2 hours. The most established form of VLM is encapsulation this is a process where chemicals surround the dirt and capture it. Brushes and pads are used to apply the chemical that once complete the carpet will look visually cleaner. Once dry the dirt is then encapsulated. It can then be removed simply by vacuuming. Ideal for commercial maintenance cleans.

Stain Removal

Top2bottom Cleaning are NCCA qualified in advanced spot and stain removal techniques, for removal of coffee stains wine stains, pet odour & much more.

Dry Compound Cleaning

This is another method of VLM cleaning where dry compound sponges are spread evenly all over the carpet, this compound then draws dirt and grime from the fibres to the sponge. A counter rotating brush machine or CRB is used to agitate the compound helping to further extract soil from the fibres. The final step is to remove the sponges this is done by vacuuming. This is a method suitable for natural delicate fabrics vulnerable to water damage.

Which Method is Best?

We shall inspect & survey your carpet and discuss what method is best for your needs.


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