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Worcester Rug Cleaning

All our rug cleaning/shampooing is done in situ so there is no need to send your rug away. On arrival we will thoroughly inspect your rug for damage or stains. Then test for dye stability colour bleed /migration. Next a thorough vacuuming is done. Any stained areas are treated with appropriate removal products. We then apply the PH neutral rug shampoo this is worked in to the rug. We avoid using strong acid or alkaline cleaners as this could cause damage as rug dyes can be very sensitive. We then rinse extract the excess water. The cleaning process part is now complete. To finish the look, the pile is carefully groomed.

If your rug has fringing we can use a special cotton cleaner to remove the soil. Finally we recommend leave to dry naturally. Deep cleaning your rug removes dirt, pollutants, allergens, bacteria and soil and leaves your rug revitalised and looking great!

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