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Tarmac restoration is ideal for restoring your aged tired looking driveway. It can even hide damage from stains like shadowing caused by oil spills. We can transform your driveway so it looks like new!!! First we remove all surface organic growth such as weeds moss also treating oil stains as required etc. Then cleaning is the carried out carefully using our flat surface cleaner pressure washing equipment we rinse off and leave to dry. At this point any cracks or pot holes can be repaired. Once this is complete we are ready to treat the surface.

Tarmac Restoration

The surface treatment we recommend is Tarmaseal from Smartseal. This is far superior to cheaper tarmac paints that you get from your local DIY. The product is an acrylic water based pigmented tarmac restorer. It will replace lost resins and coat the surface giving the driveway the protection it needs. Tarmaseal comes in different colours to suit your needs. It is recommended to give a top up coat every few years to keep up protection.

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