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1st November 2018
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Carpet Accidents

So party season is almost upon us and inevitably accidents happen . You’ve just spent thousands of pounds on a new carpet and oops! The morning after the night before and your carpet looks like the floor of a taxi cab

What to do with those stains you might say? hmm

At this point most people make the wrong choice grabbing household cleaners like washing up liquid ,vanish, 1001 etc  they apply then rub … then if it that doesn’t work more product then more rubbing and the stain still remains! only now you have a lighter patch as those type chemicals will lighten carpets, also damage from the rubbing will have flattened the carpet .

Please don’t make this costly mistake now is the time to call a professional carpet cleaner

Advanced spot & stain removal techniques means that a stain can be treated without colour loss or damage


Here we have a coffee stain removed from a carpet, as you can see completely gone

On this carpet we have a wine stain again completely gone

Just remember this party season stop before you go under the sink a grab something you might regret grab the phone instead and call a professional

Happy Holidays